High School

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We believe that all young people deserve a great education in a challenging, nurturing, and inspiring environment. Like all of our East Harlem Scholars Academies, our High School will be grounded our Core Values, Guiding Principles and anti-racist practices that help instill in our scholars a deep sense of awareness, self-advocacy, commitment to equity and intellectual curiosity.

Our founding class of 9th graders is experiencing a project-based curriculum that connects the classroom to community in socially relevant, culturally conscious ways. Scholars will earn full Regents diplomas and enjoy and array of Advanced Placement (AP) classes. Through instruction derived from the school’s philosophy of Love, Liberate, Heal, they will also develop an activist mindset and real-world experience. All of this sets the course for them to become the next generation of problem-solvers and thought leaders.

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a Track Record of College Success

The High School opens its doors to 110 scholars in ninth grade beginning August 2019. A grade is added each year until we reach full capacity of approximately 600 students in grades 9 –12.

All graduates of Scholars Academy High School can join EHTP’s College Scholars program, where they receive support and resources to navigate the complexities of college, stay on track to graduate, and prepare for careers.

East Harlem Scholars Academies are operated by East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP), a community-based organization providing students with the knowledge, tools, and skills they need to succeed in college and career since 1958. Over the last five years, 95% of EHTP high school scholars have enrolled in college.

New State-of-the-Art Building Coming Soon!

EHTP is building a new 70,000 square foot high school on 104th Street that will include science labs, robotics centers, music rooms, expansive classrooms, and more. The new building is scheduled to open summer 2021.

Until then, we will be co-located at Life Sciences Secondary School, at 320 East 96th Street. There our Scholars will benefit not only from excellent instruction, but also large classrooms, the auditorium, gymnasium, dance studio, weight room and soccer field.

High School Curriculum

The Scholars Academy rigorous college-preparatory high school curriculum is aligned to New York State’s Common Core Learning Standards and builds on the core elementary and middle school academic program components of extended day, data-driven instruction, community service, and advisory. The curriculum will include AP coursework to ensure scholars are college-ready. We are also developing partnership programs to provide additional college-readiness opportunities. Graduating students will receive Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation or a Regents Diploma with Honors.

Freshman Year Courses:

  • English Language Arts

  • Algebra 1 or Geometry

  • Earth Science or Biology

  • Global HIstory

  • Spanish

  • Physical and Health Education

  • Arts (visual arts or chorus)

  • Computer Science

  • Advisory period

  • College and career counseling

  • Character education community service

  • Four-week summer academy for matriculating ninth grade

  • After-school extracurricular activities

Extracurricular Activities:

  • Sports teams (soccer, basketball, and track will compete in the New York City Charter School Athletic Association)

  • Music (chorus, orchestra, marching band, etc.)

  • Theater and visual arts

  • Homework club/tutoring

  • College advising and mentoring

  • Internships