How are East Harlem Scholars Academies connected to East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP)?

East Harlem Scholars Academies were founded by and operated in partnership with EHTP. The two organizations share resources, and a ‘Central’ administrative staff team that supports the work of the EHTP and Scholars.

Do students have Spanish and PE every day?

Yes, Scholars currently receive PE, Spanish, and music every day. Our commitment to this intensive enrichment is driven by our fundamental belief that it is critical to develop the whole child.

What is the ratio of students-to-teachers in each classroom?

We have about 28 Scholars and two teachers in each classroom. East Harlem Scholars Academies uses a co-teaching model, which means each student gets more individualized attention and greater academic results.

Do you offer special education services?

Yes, we have collaborative team teaching classrooms on each grade level. In addition, we offer speech, counseling, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

When is the admissions lottery?

The lottery will be held in April. Soon after the lottery, we will inform families of their status and invite all accepted families to an information session.

Is there a tuition charge for scholars who attend East Harlem Scholars Academies?

No, all families admitted attend our schools free of charge.

How does the admissions process work?

We are a public charter school, so any student in NYC can apply for our schools. Students are selected by a lottery drawing, and preference is given to students in East Harlem, English Language Learners, and siblings of students already attending the school.

Does the school offer busing?

The school offers busing in the morning. You need to live in the borough of Manhattan, and you must live at least a half-mile away to be eligible.

Where are the schools located?

East Harlem Scholars Academy (elementary and middle school) is located at 2050 Second Avenue (at 105th Street), New York, NY 10029.

East Harlem Scholars Academy II is located at 1573 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10029. The entrance is on 106th Street, between Park and Madison Avenues.

East Harlem Scholars Academy High School is scheduled to open summer 2021. The new building will be located on 104th street, until then, it is located at Life Sciences Secondary School, at 320 East 96th Street.

Does the school offer financial assistance to scholars that cannot afford a uniform?

Yes, some students do qualify to receive their uniform at a discounted price.

Do the scholars wear uniforms?

Yes, all scholars wear khaki pants, blue polo shirts and black shoes.

How does the school involve family in the learning process?

Our Family Promise Triangle is integral to our school community, as we recognize the necessity of school-to-home partnerships in order to fully support each of our Scholars. We plan dozens of family engagement events, and invite families to actively share in our scholars’ learning experiences as often as possible.

How long are school days and the school year?

East Harlem Scholars Academies have an extended school day and school year, allowing our scholars to spend more time focusing on what’s most important: their learning. Scholars get up to 100 minutes of daily math instruction and over 120 minutes of ELA, giving them considerably more time than their peers with core academic subjects and other enrichment activities. Learn more about the typical day for a student, or look at our academic calendar for the year!