Teaching Residency


The East Harlem Teaching Residency, in partnership with Hunter College School of Education and Americorps, is a highly selective teacher-training program that develops, supports, and certifies aspiring educators to become elementary teachers in New York. The Residency is designed specifically for recent college graduates and career changers who are looking for an innovative pathway into the teaching profession.

Ultimately, the program aims to improve educational outcomes for East Harlem students and increase the number of highly effective teachers serving East Harlem and similar communities in greater New York.


The Need

Only 18% of East Harlem high school seniors graduate ready for college compared to 70% of high school seniors just a few blocks south in the Upper East Side.  EHTP’s programs are helping to change this paradigm and the East Harlem Teaching Residency is a critical part of the effort to develop high-performing teachers that our students so deeply deserve.

The Advantage of a Residency

Teacher residencies are a way to reduce teacher turnover and increase teacher quality..

Evidence has shown that urban teacher residencies, when compared to both higher education and alternate preparation programs, retain their program participants for a longer period of time.  Furthermore, school leaders indicate that urban teacher residency graduates enter teaching with well-developed skills and competencies that enhance their effectiveness as teachers. This is critical because a growing body of research shows that student achievement is more heavily influenced by teacher quality than by students’ race, class, prior academic record, or school a student attends. This effect is particularly strong among students from low-income families and African American students (Teacher Quality and Student Achievement, Center for Public Education, 2008).

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