We are proud to offer our scholars access to a free top-notch education led by a team of dedicated and driven professionals. Our high-accountability culture and numerous opportunities for growth and professional development are central to attracting and retaining the best in the field. If you are a results-oriented, highly motivated and culturally responsive educator who believes that all children can achieve and become their best possible selves, we encourage you to apply to join our phenomenal team!

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East Harlem Tutorial Program Talent Selection Process

As a dynamic organization undergoing rapid growth, EHTP offers a variety of career opportunities, both instructional and as part of our central support team, for driven individuals looking to transform educational opportunities for children in East Harlem. At EHTP, we believe that our staff members form the foundation for our success and ensure positive outcomes for the children we serve. As a result, we have designed a rigorous selection process to identify and select high-quality staff who are deeply committed to our mission and aligned to our core values. Here is an overview of what you can expect as an applicant for a position with EHTP.


Application Review

After submitting your application through our online application system , your information will be reviewed by a member of our Talent and Recruitment team who will assess whether your application meets our organization’s needs and the qualifications for the position. Please apply for only one open role. After reviewing your application, our team will consider you for any roles that are a fit for your skills and experiences. Within two weeks, we will notify you as to whether you will be invited to move forward in the selection process. Applicants can expect notification of their status regardless of whether their application has advanced.

Phone Interview

All candidates under consideration will participate in a phone interview with a member of the Talent and Recruitment team. This interview, which typically lasts 30 to 45 minutes, will focus primarily on your relevant experience and organizational fit. During this discussion, you may also take the opportunity to learn more about East Harlem Tutorial Program and the position you’ve applied for.

In-Person Interview and Performance Exercise
If invited to advance in the process, candidates are invited to attend an in-person interview with the hiring team. Candidates may participate in multiple interviews during this time and can expect to prepare some sort of performance exercise in advance of their visit. For example, if you are applying for an instructional position, you will be asked to prepare a guest lesson to deliver on-site with some of our scholars and debrief with members of our program leadership team. This critical step in the selection process allows the hiring team to assess your skill set, while providing you the opportunity to learn about day-to-day responsibilities of the position. The nature of this performance exercise will vary based on position, and may not be required for all roles.

Reference Checks

Before extending an official offer, EHTP will contact the professional references provided in your online application. Please note that one of these references should be a direct supervisor. For instructional positions, at least one reference should have spent significant time observing your teaching practice.

While the process outlined above represents our typical hiring process, experiences may vary based on the position and our needs. We seek to create a selection process that is informative, efficient, and allows us to identify talent that will advance our mission and effectively serve the students of East Harlem.